U.S. Navy Ships in WWII Dazzle Camouflage 1944-1945

Destroyer Escorts

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John C. Butler

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The John C. Butler class, called the Westinghouse Geared Turbine (WGT) type, was powered by a steam turbine through double reduction gears and carried 5-inch guns.

Ships in red are not confirmed by photographic or textual research.
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Hull NumberNameClassCamouflage DesignDesign DatePaint DateNotes Other
DE-339John C. ButlerJohn C. Butler32/11D3/3/445/29/44
DE-340O'FlahertyJohn C. Butler31/22D3/3/44
DE-341RaymondJohn C. Butler32/2C4/5/44*1
DE-342Richard W. SuesensJohn C. Butler32/3D*2, *3
DE-343AbercrombieJohn C. Butler32/2C4/18/44
DE-344OberrenderJohn C. Butler31/22D4/18/447/28/44
DE-345Robert BrazierJohn C. Butler32/22D4/27/445/18/44*4
DE-345Robert BrazierJohn C. Butler32/3D*2, *4
DE-346Edwin A. HowardJohn C. Butler31/2C4/27/445/25/44*5
DE-346Edwin A. HowardJohn C. Butler32/3D8/18/44*5
DE-347Jesse RutherfordJohn C. Butler32/14D5/26/445/31/44*6When assigned to Pacific
DE-347Jesse RutherfordJohn C. Butler32/3D8/8/44*6When assigned to Atlantic
DE-348KeyJohn C. Butler31/14D5/30/44
DE-349GentryJohn C. Butler32/14D6/2/44
DE-350TrawJohn C. Butler31/14D6/9/44
DE-350TrawJohn C. Butler32/3D8/8/44
DE-351Maurice J. ManuelJohn C. Butler32/14D7/8/44When assigned to Pacific
DE-351Maurice J. ManuelJohn C. Butler32/3D8/25/44When assigned to Atlantic
DE-352NaifehJohn C. Butler31/14D
DE-353Doyle C. BarnesJohn C. Butler32/14D6/20/44
DE-354Kenneth M. WilletJohn C. Butler31/3D7/10/44
DE-355JaccardJohn C. Butler32/14D7/26/44
DE-355JaccardJohn C. Butler32/3D (ex)9/28/44On starboard for tests
DE-355JaccardJohn C. Butler33/3D (ex)9/28/44On port for tests
DE-356Lloyd E. AcreeJohn C. Butler31/14D6/2/44When assigned to Pacific
DE-356Lloyd E. AcreeJohn C. Butler32/3D9/25/44When assigned to Atlantic
DE-357George E. DavisJohn C. Butler32/14D6/2/44When assigned to Pacific
DE-357George E. DavisJohn C. Butler32/3D (rev)10/5/44When assigned to Atlantic
DE-358MackJohn C. Butler31/3D7/1/448/16/44
DE-359WoodsonJohn C. Butler32/6D7/26/44
DE-360Johnnie HutchinsJohn C. Butler32/2C8/14/44
DE-361WaltonJohn C. Butler32/14D7/26/449/2/44
DE-362RolfJohn C. Butler31/2C8/10/44
DE-362RolfJohn C. Butler32/3D (rev)
DE-363PrattJohn C. Butler32/3D8/10/44
DE-364RombachJohn C. Butler31/3D8/1/44
DE-365McGintyJohn C. Butler32/3D8/10/44
DE-366Alvin C. CockrellJohn C. Butler31/3D8/5/44
DE-367FrenchJohn C. Butler32/14D8/10/44
DE-368Cecil J. Doyle John C. Butler31/3D8/5/44
DE-369Thaddeus ParkerJohn C. ButlerNAYF
DE-370John L. WilliamsonJohn C. Butler31/3D7/8/4410/31/44
DE-371PresleyJohn C. Butler32/14D8/10/44
DE-372WilliamsJohn C. Butler31/14D8/10/44
DE-402Richard S. BullJohn C. Butler31/2C4/21/444/27/44
DE-403Richard M. RowellJohn C. Butler32/22D*7
DE-404EversoleJohn C. Butler31/2C7/28/44
DE-405DennisJohn C. Butler32/22D7/19/44*7
DE-406EdmondsJohn C. Butler31/14D*7
DE-407SheltonJohn C. Butler32/14D6/24/44
DE-408StrausJohn C. Butler31/22D
DE-409La PradeJohn C. Butler32/2C4/5/44
DE-410Jack MillerJohn C. Butler31/2C4/8/44
DE-411StaffordJohn C. Butler32/2C5/1/44
DE-412Walter C. WannJohn C. Butler31/22D4/24/44
DE-413Samuel B. RobertsJohn C. Butler32/22D5/17/44
DE-414LeRay WilsonJohn C. Butler31/2C4/7/44
DE-415Lawrence C. TaylorJohn C. Butler32/2C4/8/44
DE-416Melvin E. NawmanJohn C. Butler31/22D4/24/44
DE-417Oliver MitchellJohn C. Butler32/22D5/17/44
DE-418TabbererJohn C. Butler31/22D5/22/44
DE-419Robert F. KellerJohn C. Butler32/22D5/19/44
DE-420Leland E. ThomasJohn C. Butler31/14D6/5/446/19/44When assigned to Pacific
DE-420Leland E. ThomasJohn C. Butler32/3D8/4/4411/8/44When assigned to Atlantic
DE-421Chester T. O'BrienJohn C. Butler32/14D6/7/447/6/44
DE-422Douglas A. MonroJohn C. Butler31/14D6/7/44When assigned to Pacific
DE-422Douglas A. MonroJohn C. Butler32/3D9/7/44When assigned to Atlantic
DE-423DufilhoJohn C. Butler32/14D6/3/44When assigned to Pacific
DE-423DufilhoJohn C. Butler32/3D9/11/44When assigned to Atlantic
DE-424HaasJohn C. Butler31/3D6/29/44When assigned to Pacific
DE-424HaasJohn C. Butler32/3D9/25/44When assigned to Atlantic
DE-438CorbesierJohn C. Butler31/22D5/12/44*8
DE-439ConklinJohn C. Butler32/22D6/9/44*8
DE-440McCoy ReynoldsJohn C. Butler31/2C*8
DE-441William SeiverlingJohn C. Butler32/22D*8
DE-442Ulvert M. MooreJohn C. Butler31/2C4/27/44
DE-443Kendall C. CampbellJohn C. Butler32/22D*8
DE-444GossJohn C. Butler31/22D4/20/44
DE-445GradyJohn C. Butler32/22D5/5/44*8
DE-446Charles E. BrannonJohn C. Butler31/3D7/10/44
DE-447Albert T. HarrisJohn C. Butler32/3D12/17/44*2, *9
DE-448CrossJohn C. Butler33a/31D12/9/4412/?/44
DE-508GilliganJohn C. Butler31/22D4/14/44
DE-509FormoeJohn C. Butler32/3D9/15/4410/25/44
DE-531Edward H. AllenJohn C. Butler32/3D*2
DE-532TweedyJohn C. Butler32/3D*2
DE-533Howard F. ClarkJohn C. Butler32/2C4/3/446/12/44Later 31/2C
DE-534SilversteinJohn C. Butler31/2C8/7/44*10
DE-535LewisJohn C. Butler32/22D5/1/449/16/44
DE-536BivinJohn C. Butler31/2C7/13/44When assigned to Pacific
DE-536BivinJohn C. Butler32/3D (rev)10/20/44When assigned to Atlantic
DE-537RizziJohn C. ButlerNA - Comm. 6/26/45
DE-538OsbergJohn C. ButlerNA - Comm. 12/10/45
DE-539WagnerJohn C. ButlerNA - Comm. 11/22/55 as DER
DE-540VandiverJohn C. ButlerNA - Comm. 19/11/55 as DER


Indicates the date that the Bureau of Ships sent to the ship or shipyard drawings and instructions to paint that camouflage design. That directive was usually followed and camouflage completion photos were returned to the Bureau. For the rows that are marked red, no verification memos or photos have yet been found.
Indicates the earliest date that memos or photos confirm painting in that design.
Not applicable.
No assignment yet found.
Indicates date commissioned, if after 1/1/45, ship may not have worn Measure 31-32-33 while commissioned. Exceptions were landing craft in Measure 31.


DE-341 was sent camouflage 32/6D on 3/3/44, but was subsequently sent camouflage 32/2C on 4/5/44 and used that camouflage.
A July 11, 1944 speedletter #01996 from Commander in Chief Atlantic Fleet (CinCLant) requested BuShips to paint all destroyer escorts under construction and assigned to Atlantic Fleet in camouflage 32/3D.
DE-342 was sent camouflage 31/22D on 4/13/44 as if for the Pacific Fleet, but was assigned to the Atlantic Fleet.
DE-345 was sent camouflage 32/22D on 4/27/44 as if for the Pacific Fleet, completed in 32/22D, but was repainted in 32/3D when assigned to the Atlantic Fleet.
DE-346 was sent camouflage 31/2C on 4/27/44 as if for the Pacific Fleet, completed in 31/2C, but was repainted in camouflage 32/3D on 8/18/44 in Boston for the Atlantic Fleet.
DE-347 was sent camouflage 31/14D on 5/26/44, but painted in 32/14D, then was repainted in 32/3D on 8/4/44 when assigned to the Atlantic Fleet.
DE-403, 405 and 406 were sent Design 24D on 3/11/44 and 3/15/44. The drawings were returned from Houston Shipyard on 3/17/44 because they were for the wrong ship class.
DE-438 was sent 31/22D, DE-439 was sent 32/11D, DE-440 was sent 31/22D, DE-441 was sent Design 32/6D, and DE-443 and DE-445 were sent 32 22D all by 3/17/44, but they were for the wrong ship class. They were returned to BuShips by Kearny Shipyard on 3/20/44. All these ships were sent proper Designs later in April and May 1944.
DE-447 was sent Design 32/14D on 7/14/44, but was subsequently assigned to the Atlantic Fleet.
DE-534 was sent Design 31/24D on 4/4/44, but painted in Design 31/2C.