U.S. Navy Ships in WWII Dazzle Camouflage 1944-1945


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Ships in red are not confirmed by photographic or textual research.
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Hull NumberNameClassCamouflage DesignDesign DatePaint DateNotes Other
BB-34New YorkNew York31a/8B10/20/44
BB-35TexasNew York31a/8B10/14/44
BB-37OklahomaNevadaNA - Lost 12/7/41
BB-38PennsylvaniaPennsylvania32/3D12/1/43*1Probably not used
BB-39ArizonaPennsylvaniaNA - Lost 12/7/41
BB-40New MexicoNew Mexico32/6D3/17/44*1
BB-41MississippiNew Mexico32/6D3/17/44*1
BB-42IdahoNew Mexico32/3D8/29/44*1Probably not used
BB-48West VirginiaColorado32/7D3/25/447/2/44*1
BB-55North CarolinaNorth Carolina32/18D*1
BB-56WashingtonNorth Carolina32/18D12/14/43*4Remained in Measure 22
BB-57South DakotaSouth Dakota32/9D for BB-57*1Remained in Measure 21
BB-58IndianaSouth Dakota32/11D9/16/4310/?/43*5
BB-59MassachusettsSouth Dakota32/1D12/8/43Remained in Measure 22
BB-60AlabamaSouth DakotaRemained in Measure 21
BB-62New JerseyIowa32/7A1/28/44Remained in Measure 21
BB-64WisconsinIowa32/7A4/20/44Sent 4/20/44 not used


Indicates the date that the Bureau of Ships sent to the ship or shipyard drawings and instructions to paint that camouflage design. That directive was usually followed and camouflage completion photos were returned to the Bureau. For the rows that are marked red, no verification memos or photos have yet been found.
Indicates the earliest date that memos or photos confirm painting in that design.
Not applicable.


Camouflage Measure and Design was assigned in 10/11/43 ComServPac letter #0937 to the BuShips which assigned camouflage Designs to most ships in the Pacific Fleet.
BB-44 was sent drawing 32/16D on 12/23/43, but the attached letter mistakenly identified the camouflage as 33/24D. BuShips received a letter from BB-44 on 1/17/44 stating that the 32/16D drawing was used.
Fleet Maintenance Office (FMO) of Pacific Fleet Service Force (ServPac) sent a speedletter to Pearl Harbor on 10/8/43 requesting the painting of BB-45 and BB-46 in Measure 31 using drawings supplied by FMO. Those drawings have not yet been found. Photos show BB-45 in a version of 3D and BB-46 in a version of 7D.
BB-56 was assigned 32/10D in ComServPac 10/11/43 letter, but a 12/14/43 memo from BuShips indicates BB-56 was sent 32/18D, which may have been a typo. A 3/16/44 speedletter from ComServPac to Puget Sound Navy Yard instructed that BB-56 camouflage not be changed, thus BB-56 remained in Measure 22.
Fleet Maintenance Office (FMO) of Pacific Fleet Service Force (ServPac) sent a letter to Pearl Harbor on 9/16/43 with directions and drawings to paint BB-58 in Measure 32 as an experiment. The resulting pattern resembles Design 11D. The drawings for this camouflage, although identified as saved by the Camouflage Section have not yet been found.
Norfolk Navy Yard sent BuShips on January 13, 1944, photostat copies of the pattern applied to BB-61. Everett Warner noted that the drawn design followed the original Design 1B very closely.