U.S. Navy Ships in WWII Dazzle Camouflage 1944-1945

Auxiliary Ships

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Auxiliaries II

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This set of Auxiliaries includes:
AD: Destroyer Tenders
AGP: Motor Torpedo Boat Tenders
AN: Net Laying Ships
AS: Submarine Tenders
IX: Miscellaneous Unclassified

Ships in red are not confirmed by photographic or textual research.
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Design Number Silhouette Ships Wearing Design
for AVP-10
Measure 32
Wachapreague (AGP-8)Willoughby (AGP-9)
Casco (AVP-12)Mackinac (AVP-13)
Unimak (AVP-31)Yakutat (AVP-32)
Barataria (AVP-33)Bering Strait (AVP-34)
Castle Rock (AVP-35)Onslow (AVP-48)
Orca (AVP-49)San Carlos (AVP-51)
Shelikof (AVP-52)Suisun (AVP-53)
for AD-14
Measure 32
Dixie (AD-14)Prairie (AD-15)
Cascade (AD-16)Piedmont (AD-17)
Sierra (AD-18)Yosemite (AD-19)
Hector (AR-7)Jason (ARH-1)
Fulton (AS-11)Howard W. Gilmore (AS-16)
for AS-15
Measure 32
Bushnell (AS-15)Proteus (AS-19)
for LST-1
Measure 31
Alecto (AGP-14)Callisto (AGP-15)
Gantner (APD-42)William H. Hobby (APD-95)
Myers (APD-105)Harry L. Corl (APD-108)
Walsh (APD-111)Joseph M. Auman (APD-117)
Burdo (APD-133)Kleinsmith (APD-134)
Carpellotti (APD-136)Archelous (ARL-1)
Poseidon (ARL-12)Menelaus (ARL-13)
Minos (ARL-14)Myrmidon (ARL-16)
Numitor (ARL-17)Petroclus (ARL-19)
Proserpine (ARL-21)Satyr (ARL-23)
Tantalus (ARL-27)Typhon (ARL-28)
Amphitite (ARL-29)Bellerphon (ARL-31)
Chimera (ARL-33)Daedalus (ARL-35)
LST-125 (LST-125)LST-247 (LST-247)
LST-341 (LST-341)LST-343 (LST-343)
LST-357 (LST-357)LST-512 (LST-512)
LST-615 (LST-615)LST-1085 (LST-1085)
for AS-3
Measure 32
Holland (AS-3)
for IX-110
No ships yet identified in this design
for LST-1
Measure 31
Orestes (AGP-10)Midas (ARB-5)
Pandemus (ARL-18)Romulus (ARL-22)
Sphinx (ARL-24)Stentor (ARL-26)
Askari (ARL-30)Krishna (ARL-38)
LST-428 (LST-428)LST-565 (LST-565)
LST-610 (LST-610)LST-673 (LST-673)
LST-909 (LST-909)LST-990 (LST-990)
LST-1004 (LST-1004)
for IX-110
Measure 31
Ocelot (IX-110)
for AS-13
Measure 32
Griffin (AS-13)Pelias (AS-14)
for AGP-6
No ships yet identified in this design
for LST-1
Measure 31
Portunus (AGP-4)Varuna (AGP-5)
Silenus (AGP-11)Oceanus (ARB-2)
Phaon (ARB-3)Nestor (ARB-6)
Egeria (ARL-8)LST-169 (LST-169)
for AGP-3
Measure 31
Jamestown (AGP-3)
for AS-23
Measure 31
Aegir (AS-23)Anthedon (AS-24)
Apollo (AS-25)Clytie (AS-26)
for AGP-12
Measure 31
Acontius (AGP-12)Cyrene (AGP-13)
for AGP-2
Measure 31
Hilo (AGP-2)
for AD-4
Measure 32
Whitney (AD-4)
for AD-9
Measure 32
Black Hawk (AD-9)
for AN-78
Measure 31
Cohoes (AN-78)Passaconaway (AN-86)
Passaic (AN-87)Shakamaxon (AN-88)
for AN-38
Measure 31
Lancewood (AN-48)Terebinth (AN-59)
Catclaw (AN-60)Chinaberry (AN-61)
Hoptree (AN-62)
for AN-6
Measure 31
Mohogany (AN-23)Sandalwood (AN-32)