U.S. Navy Ships in WWII Dazzle Camouflage 1944-1945

Auxiliary Ships

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Auxiliaries III

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This set of Auxiliaries includes
AR: Repair Ships
ARB: Battle Damage Repair Ships
ARG: Internal Combustion Engine Repair Ships
ARH: Heavy Hull Repair Ships
ARL: Landing Craft Repair Ships

Ships in red are not confirmed by photographic or textual research.
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Hull NumberNameClassTypeCamouflage DesignDesign DatePaint DateNotes Other
AR-10AlcorAlcorAD-34 11/6/44.
AR-11RigelRigelex AD-13
AR-13AmphionAmphionC3Comm. 1/30/46.
ARB-1AristaeusAristaeusex LST-329
ARB-2OceanusAristaeusex LST-32831/11L6/12/44
ARB-3PhaonAristaeusex LST-1531/11L6/12/44
ARB-4ZeusAristaeusex LST-19231/18L5/6/44
ARB-5MidasAristaeusex LST-51431/8L4/20/44
ARB-6NestorAristaeusex LST-51831/11L7/4/44*3
ARB-7SarpedonAristaeusex LST-956Comm. 3/10/45.
ARB-8TelamonAristaeusex LST-976Comm. 6/1/45.
ARB-9UlyssesAristaeusex LST-967Comm. 4/20/45.
ARB-10DemeterAristaeusex LST-1121Comm. 7/3/45.
ARB-11DiomedesAristaeusex LST-1119Comm. 6/23/45.
ARB-12HeliosAristaeusex LST-1127Comm. 7/23/45.
ARG-1OglalaOglalaex CM-432/6D2/18/443/31/44*4
ARG-7Culebra IslandLuzonEC2-S-C131/6Ax4/8/44*5
ARG-8LeyteLuzonEC2-S-C131/6Ax6/17/44Renamed Maui on 5/31/45.
ARG-9Mona IslandLuzonEC2-S-C131/6Ax8/25/44
ARG-10PalawanLuzonEC2-S-C1Comm. 5/3/45.
ARL-1ArchelousArchelousex LST-1031/5L2/2/45
ARL-2AmycusArchelousex LST-45931/1L*7
ARL-3AgenorArchelousex LST-490
ARL-4AdonisArchelousex LST-83
ARL-7AtlasArchelousex LST-231Atlantic
ARL-8EgeriaArchelousex LST-13631/11L7/3/44
ARL-9EndymionArchelousex LST-51331/18L4/20/44
ARL-10CoronusArchelousex LST-100331/20L
ARL-11CreonArchelousex LST-103631/20LComm. 1/27/45.
ARL-12PoseidonArchelousex LST-103731/5L2/1/45
ARL-13MenelausArchelousex LST-97131/5L2/1/45Comm. 5/29/45.
ARL-14MinosArchelousex LST-64431/5L2/6/45*8
ARL-15MinotaurArchelousex LST-64531/20L*9, *10Comm. 2/26/45.
ARL-16MyrmidonArchelousex LST-94831/5L2/6/45*8Comm. 3/9/45.
ARL-17NumitorArchelousex LST-95431/5L2/6/45Comm. 4/3/45.
ARL-18PandemusArchelousex LST-65031/8L7/7/44*9Comm. 2/23/45.
ARL-19PetroclusArchelousex LST-95531/5L2/6/45Comm. 4/17/45.
ARL-20PentheusArchelousex LST-1115Comm. 6/7/45.
ARL-21ProserpineArchelousex LST-111631/5L3/28/45Comm. 5/31/45.
ARL-22RomulusArchelousex LST-96231/8L3/28/45Comm 5/10/45.
ARL-23SatyrArchelousex LST-85231/5L3/28/45Comm. 4/28/45.
ARL-24SphinxArchelousex LST-96331/8L3/28/45Comm. 5/10/45.
ARL-26StentorArchelousex LST-85831/8L3/19/45*9Comm. 12/22/44.
ARL-27TantalusArchelousex LST-111731/5L3/28/45Comm. 1/13/45.
ARL-28TyphonArchelousex LST-111831/5L6/19/45Comm. 1/18/45.
ARL-29AmphititeArchelousex LST-112431/5LComm. 6/28/45.
ARL-30AskariArchelousex LST-113131/8L3/28/45Comm. 7/23/45.
ARL-31BellerphonArchelousex LST-113231/5L3/19/45*9Comm. 7/12/45.
ARL-32BellonaArchelousex LST-1136Comm. 7/26/45.
ARL-33ChimeraArchelousex LST-113731/5LComm. 8/7/45.
ARL-35DaedalusArchelousex LST-114331/5L7/7/44*9
ARL-38KrishnaArchelousex LST-114931/8L7/7/44*9


Indicates the date that the Bureau of Ships sent to the ship or shipyard drawings and instructions to paint that camouflage design. That directive was usually followed and camouflage completion photos were returned to the Bureau. For the rows that are marked red, no verification memos or photos have yet been found.
Indicates the earliest date that memos or photos confirm painting in that design.
Indicates date commissioned, if after 1/1/45, ship may not have worn Measure 31-32-33 while commissioned. Exceptions were landing craft in Measure 31.


AR-5 was tasked by ComServPac to paint Measure 21, but responded on 1/9/45 that it was too late, she had already painted Measure 14 (ocean gray).
AR-7 was sent 32/2Ax (sic), on 1/26/44 which may have been a typo, since later on 6/1/44 she tasked Pearl Harbor to paint her in 32/4AX.
ARB-6 was sent 31/18L on 6/19/44, but painted 31/11L on 7/4/44.
Oglala was sunk as CM-4 at Pearl Harbor 12/7/41; was raised and rebuilt as ARG, then recommissioned 2/28/44.
ARG-6 and ARG-7 were sent drawings for 31/6Ax on 4/8/44, but the memo of instructions listed them as 31/2Ax, probably a typo, since the 31/6Ax drawings were used.
ARH-1 was sent 32/2Ax (sic) on 2/9/44, which was probably a typo or mistake since she painted in 32/4Ax.
ARL-2 was sent 31/11L on 6/14/44. However, no photos have yet been found to confirm.
ARL-14 and ARL-16 were both sent 31/5L on 2/6/45. However, both were photographed in mid-March in patterns that do not match other 5L patterns. Their patterns seem to match a version of Design 8L for LCI(L)'s, it is possible that this was used by Jacksonville for painting.
On 1/13/45 the 8th Naval District at New Orleans was sent directions to paint ARL-15, ARL-18, ARL-26, ARL-31, ARL-35 & ARL-38 in either 31/5L or 31/8L with plans on the way and until then use 31/20L for LST's.
ARL-15 was sent drawings for 31/5L on 4/2/45, but had previously painted in 31/20L.