U.S. Navy Ships in WWII Dazzle Camouflage 1944-1945

Amphibious Ships

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Amphibious I

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This group of Amphibious Ships includes
APD: High-Speed Transports, converted from Destroyers (DD) and Destroyer Escorts (DE).
Note: Attack Cargo Ships AKA's are listed under Cargo Ships, Attack Transports APA's, are listed under Transports and Amphibious Command Ships AGC's are listed under Auxiliaries I.

Ships in red are not confirmed by photographic or textual research.
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Design Number Silhouette Ships Wearing Design
for LST-1
Measure 31
Alecto (AGP-14)Callisto (AGP-15)
Gantner (APD-42)William H. Hobby (APD-95)
Myers (APD-105)Harry L. Corl (APD-108)
Walsh (APD-111)Joseph M. Auman (APD-117)
Burdo (APD-133)Kleinsmith (APD-134)
Carpellotti (APD-136)Archelous (ARL-1)
Poseidon (ARL-12)Menelaus (ARL-13)
Minos (ARL-14)Myrmidon (ARL-16)
Numitor (ARL-17)Petroclus (ARL-19)
Proserpine (ARL-21)Satyr (ARL-23)
Tantalus (ARL-27)Typhon (ARL-28)
Amphitite (ARL-29)Bellerphon (ARL-31)
Chimera (ARL-33)Daedalus (ARL-35)
LST-125 (LST-125)LST-247 (LST-247)
LST-341 (LST-341)LST-343 (LST-343)
LST-357 (LST-357)LST-512 (LST-512)
LST-615 (LST-615)LST-1085 (LST-1085)
for APD-1
Measure 31
Talbot (APD-7)Dent (APD-9)
Brooks (APD-10)Gilmer (APD-11)
Humpreys (APD-12)Sands (APD-13)
Schley (APD-14)Kitty (APD-15)
Ward (APD-16)Crosby (APD-17)
Kane (APD-18)Rathburne (APD-25)
Goldsborough (APD-32)George E. Badger (APD-33)
Belknap (APD-34)Osmond Ingram (APD-35)
for APD-1
No ships yet identified in this design
for APD-1
Measure 31
Stringham (APD-6)Waters (APD-8)
Tattnall (APD-19)Roper (APD-20)
Barry (APD-29)Greene (APD-36)
for APD-37
Measure 31
Barr (APD-39)Charles W. Ingram (APD-43)
Bates (APD-47)Hopping (APD-51)
Reeves (APD-52)Laning (APD-55)
Barber (APD-57)Kephart (APD-61)
Cofer (APD-62)Lloyd (APD-63)
Burke (APD-65)Yokes (APD-69)
Jack C. Robinson (APD-72)Schmitt (APD-76)
Bull (APD-78)Crosley (APD-87)
Kinzer (APD-91)Register (APD-92)
John Q. Roberts (APD-94)Rednour (APD-102)
William J. Pattison (APD-104)Raymon W. Herndon (APD-121)
Scribner (APD-122)Diachenko (APD-123)
Gosselin (APD-126)Donald W. Wolf (APD-129)