U.S. Navy Ships in WWII Dazzle Camouflage 1944-1945

Destroyer Escorts

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John C. Butler

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for DE-339

Design 14D

for DE-339

Design Number Silhouette Ships Wearing Design
for DE-339
Measure 31
Key (DE-348)Traw (DE-350)
Naifeh (DE-352)Lloyd E. Acree (DE-356)
Williams (DE-372)Edmonds (DE-406)
Leland E. Thomas (DE-420)Douglas A. Monro (DE-422)

Measure 32
Jesse Rutherford (DE-347)Gentry (DE-349)
Maurice J. Manuel (DE-351)Doyle C. Barnes (DE-353)
Jaccard (DE-355)George E. Davis (DE-357)
Walton (DE-361)French (DE-367)
Presley (DE-371)Shelton (DE-407)
Chester T. O'Brien (DE-421)Dufilho (DE-423)
Mason (DE-529)

This is Drawing 32/14D for the John C. Butler class destroyer escorts using the colors: dull black (BK), ocean gray (5-O) and light gray (5-L) dated and signed by Everett Warner on May 17, 1944. There was an identical drawing issued the same day using the Measure 31 colors of dull black (BK), ocean gray (5-O) and haze gray (5-H). Note the depiction of the stern; possibly to avoid confusion.

This design was also used on the cruiser USS Pensacola (CA-24) in Measure 32 colors and USS Salt Lake City (CA-25) in Measure 33 colors. It was also redrawn on June 28, 1944, for the heavy cruiser USS Wichita (CA-45), but probably was never used.

Original drawing sources: 32/14D: NARA 80-G-109627 and 80-G-109628.