U.S. Navy Ships in WWII Dazzle Camouflage 1944-1945

Mine Warfare

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CM: Minelayers
DM: Destroyer Minelayers

Ships in red are not confirmed by photographic or textual research.
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Hull NumberNameClassCamouflage DesignDesign DatePaint DateNotes Other
CM-9MonadockMonadockACM-10 7/10/45
CM-10MiantonomahMonadockNA - Lost 9/25/44 at LaHavre
DM-15GambleGamble32/7D8/21/44*1Converted from DD-123
DM-16RamsayGamble32/7D8/21/44Converted from DD-124
DM-17MontgomeryGamble32/7D8/21/44Converted from DD-121
DM-18BreeseGamble32/7D6/17/44Converted from DD-122
DM-19TracyTracy32/7D6/17/44Converted from DD-214
DM-20PrebleTracy32/7D*2Converted from DD-345
DM-21SicardTracy32/7D7/29/44*3Converted from DD-346
DM-22PruittTracy32/7D7/31/44*4Converted from DD-347
DM-23Robert H. SmithRobert H. Smith32/25D6/10/44*5, *6Started as DD-735
DM-24Thomas E. FraserRobert H. Smith32/25D6/10/44*5, *7Started as DD-736
DM-25ShannonRobert H. Smith32/3D8/22/44*5Started as DD-737
DM-26Harry F. BauerRobert H. Smith32/16D8/11/44*5, *8Started as DD-738
DM-27AdamsRobert H. Smith32/3D8/2/44*5Started as DD-739
DM-28TolmanRobert H. Smith32/16D8/10/4411/13/44*5, *9Started as DD-740
DM-29Henry A. WileyRobert H. Smith32/25D7/14/4410/9/44*5Started as DD-749
DM-30SheaRobert H. Smith32/25D9/5/44*5Started as DD-750
DM-31J William DitterRobert H. Smith32/3D8/16/44*5Started as DD-751
DM-32LindseyRobert H. Smith32/11A7/7/44*5Started as DD-771
DM-33GwinRobert H. Smith32/25D7/13/44*5, *10Started as DD-772
DM-34Aaron WardRobert H. Smith32/11A7/14/44*5Started as DD-773


Indicates the date that the Bureau of Ships sent to the ship or shipyard drawings and instructions to paint that camouflage design. That directive was usually followed and camouflage completion photos were returned to the Bureau. For the rows that are marked red, no verification memos or photos have yet been found.
Indicates the earliest date that memos or photos confirm painting in that design.
Not applicable.


DM-15 was damaged on 6/1/45, then sunk on 7/16/45 after determined unrepairable.
DM-20 was redesignated AG-99 on 6/5/45.
DM-21 was redesignated AG-100 on 6/5/45.
DM-22 was redesignated AG-101 6/5/45.
DM-23 through DM-34 were started as Allen M. Sumner class DD's, but were modified while building and then completed as DM's.
DM-23 was sent 32/25D while still identified as DD-735.
DM-24 was sent 31/25D while still identified as DD-736, but painted in 32/25D as DM.
DM-26 was sent 31/16D, but it was later changed to 32/16D.
DM-28 was sent 31/3D while still identified as DD-740, later was sent 31/16D on 8/10/44, but painted in 32/16D as DM.
DM-33 was sent 31/25D as DD-772, but painted Measure 32 as DM.