U.S. Navy Ships in WWII Dazzle Camouflage 1944-1945

Destroyer Escorts

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USS Currier


Hull NumberNameClassCamouflage DesignDesign DatePaint DateNotesOther
DE-700CurrierBuckley31/14D1944-03-171944-03-26*3, *7
Reassigned to a new Design by the BuShips 6/10/44 memo to ComServPac that listed ships that had been reassigned from the 10/11/43 letter #0937.
DE-700 was sent drawing on 3/17/44 with memo that identified the drawing as 31/6D (sic), which must have been a typo since DE-700 was photographed in 31/14D on 3/26/44 in Boston. A memo with those photos from Boston referenced the 3/17/44 BuShips memo.

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