U.S. Navy Ships in WWII Dazzle Camouflage 1944-1945


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Fletcher Class

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for DD-445

Design 7D

for DD-445

Design Number Silhouette Ships Wearing Design
for DD-445
Measure 31
Waller (DD-466)Ringgold (DD-500)
Evans (DD-552)Porterfield (DD-682)
Callaghan (DD-792)

Measure 32
Pringle (DD-477)Schroeder (DD-501)
Walker (DD-517)David W. Taylor (DD-551)
Cassin Young (DD-793)

A composite drawing made from the two, nearly identical US Navy drawings for Design 7D. One was a drawing for Design 7D with open Measure colors, and it did not include the turret details or deck pattern. The date of this drawing was August 19, 1943. Another Navy drawing of Design 7D specifying Measure 32 colors was later dated June 16, 1944 and it did include the turrets and deck. The lightest vertical color was specified to be light gray (5-L) for Measure 32. If the lightest color used were ocean gray (5-O) or haze gray (5-H), then this would result in Measure 31.

A Design 7D drawing was attached to the July 15, 1943, memo to PacFleet for the DD-381 Somers class of destroyers. On August 19, 1943, it appeared as above for the Fletcher class destroyers. Design 7D was redrawn for the Farragut class destroyers, the Gamble class light minelayers and for the Chandler class high speed minesweepers; it was worn by, at least, USS Gamble (DM-15), USS Sicard (DM-21) and USS Hamilton (DMS-18). This design was also slightly modified and drawn for the Portland class heavy cruisers on March 21, 1944, using three colors and worn by the cruisers USS Portland (CA-33) and USS Indianapolis (CA-35) and it was worn by the battleship USS West Virginia (BB-48).

Original drawing source: NARA 80-G-157410, 80-G-157411, 80-G-159381.